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News - Peace of Mind

It's been a little while since I've done some promo, so let me tell you about Peace of Mind, the reviews of it and where to find it!

Peace of Mind is a sci-fi comic series about VR addiction and the dystopia it thrives in, published through my label Grym Comics. We finished it earlier in 2021 and it's now there for the masses to read in its entirety.

Pipedream Comics, a gem in the Indie Review world for Comics, reviewed Peace of Mind- The Complete Story. You can read that here.

Have a Kindle? Well, now you can get Peace of Mind in its entirety straight to your device. You can grab a copy (or gift it) here.

A comiXology connoisseur? Well, we got you - here's the link so you can add it to your collection.

Prefer a paper copy? Shipping be damned! You can visit our Buy Small Press store to get physical copies of the volume, or single issues, if you'd like a dabble.

Comichaus your thing? Search for Peace of Mind on the app and you can read it on your device (you'll of course need a membership).

That's everything!

Hwyl fawr/goodbye,



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