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Opinion: (some) books should be shorter.

"That's a novella!?" You scream, indignant that there's another man with an opinion on the internet.

Hear me out - I believe, from a personal standpoint (so therefore all of you too, right?), that I'd read more books if they were divided. Take The Stand. I have had that on my shelf for at least half a decade or more, but every time my finger tips tickle the spine I get flashbacks and remember how long it took for me to read, uh, IT.

Now. Take The Stand (again), split it into three parts, and I think I'd attempt to read it. I would then have a point where I can pause, read a few books in between and then continue if I fancy. Winner, winner, I may be late for Dinner (because I'm reading books).

"But that's a bookmark's job!" Yes, well, in this age of automation, what's one more job lost in the fires of progress.

As an avid Fantasy fan, I find the chunkiness of books to be my biggest put off. Don't get rid of the content, I'm just asking for smaller chunks of it. Release the next part in 6 months.

I don't know, it's just something I'd like. I'm not your dad.

(Unless what's their face reads this then yes, I am).

Hwyl fawr/goodbye,


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