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Shedding Skin

Behold, the Emporium's new clothes!

Rebranding feels almost dirty, I am not going to lie. I felt quite disgusting, in a corporate smoozer kind of way, yet it is a decision that I feel is needed. So why is Grym Comics no more? In short:

1) Not everyone can pronounce the name. It's pronounced like the brothers, but it's a Welsh word. I've heard "Grom", "Grime", "Greem".

2) "Comics" ties the label to just that.

With such tales as #ComicsBrokeMe and most recently the revelation that the creator of Squid Game earned Netflix $900 Million only to never see a cent of it, due to him signing away the IP, I am veering more to the side of self-publishing unless I am fortunate enough to stumble upon a stellar contract lawyer and a vicious agent.

The Black Emporium label will encompass anything creative I wish to self publish - not limited to stories and comics. The first of which will be revealed quite shortly. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list below. Hwyl Fawr, -C

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